Brass Cartridge Cases

Thank you for your interest in ADG cartridge cases. We take pride in the quality of our completely American made cases. Independent testing has shown that ADG cases outperform the competition, both foreign and domestic. This is not by chance, ADG’s team of engineers, metallurgist, and technical staff has over 200 years of combined industry experience.

Leveraging our extensive technical expertise, ADG is continuously improving processes and production capacity while maintaining our high standard of quality.   Our lot control process constantly samples product at each manufacturing step to ensure quality and traceability of the cases to a specific day, time, and operator along with the corresponding dimensional data.  Prior to packaging, each cartridge case goes through final inspection for defects such as dents, scratches, and mouth deformations.

Cases can be purchased in 50-round ammo boxes that are an excellent way to transport or store your finished cartridges. Cases are also available in bulk packaging and by the case. We offer the cases in a standard finish that has the visible neck anneal line and a bright finish with it removed.



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